About AISIN A Greeting from Executive Officers

About AISIN A Greeting from Executive Officers

Since its establishment, AISIN Group has adhered to the corporate principle of “Quality First,” and has sought to offer appealing products that meet the customers’ needs. As the automotive industry has developed, the Group has expanded its business and today enjoys a reputation as a comprehensive auto parts manufacturer operating on the global stage.

AISIN Group is also carrying out various business activities in the areas of lifestyle and energy fields, offering a range of products that enrich the lives of its customers.

Building on the diverse technologies it has amassed in these various areas, AISIN Group is pursuing the design and development of new value-added products, while maintaining a rigorous focus on offering high-quality products backed by reliability evaluations and proven production methods. Upholding our corporate principles of" Contributing to the Advancement of Society" and" Harmony with Society and Nature," the AISIN Group also promotes implementation of corporate behavior that helps to create a sustainable society.

AISIN Group will continue to contribute to the creation of a better automotive society and a higher standard of living, aiming to become a vibrant company that possesses true competitiveness and proposes new value.

AISIN Group sincerely appreciates your ongoing guidance and support.

Chairman:Kanshiro Toyoda
 President:Kiyotaka Ise