We are continually creating new values with innovations into areas such as femto second fiber lasers and advances in biotechnology that will bring our knowledge of automotive systems to new areas.

Fiber Laser

This is a processing laser that uses a femto-second pulse to enable processing that minimally causes heat damage to the peripheral area and micro-fabrication of transparent and ultra-hard materials, which are traditionally difficult to work with.

Personal mobility "ILY-Ai"

ILY-Ai is a multi-functional personal shopping mobility partner that can be modified for a variety of user needs. The first ILY-Ai was produced in March of 2015, with continuous evaluation and improvement taking place ever since. In March 2020, AISIN began leasing ILY-Ai models to shopping centers to provide a leisurely shopping experience.

Rideshare service "Choisoko"

This innovative mobility support service aims to maintain and improve health and wellness among the elderly and was first demonstrated and tested in July of 2018 through a collaboration with Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture. Choisoko began full scale operations in April of 2019, and AISIN plans to expand into new regions via cooperation with Toyota dealerships to assist with operations outside the prefecture.