A core principle of placing health and safety above all else

Based on the core principle of placing health and safety above all else, AISIN Group continually strives to enhance the health and safety of all employees

Safe, sound management framework

Aisin Seiki has formed a safety and health committee, with one Director and Vice President serving as the company-wide health and safety supervisor. The committee decides on health, safety and sanitation activities, along with fire prevention and traffic safety activities, and monitors the progress of these activities.

AISIN Seiki's Safety and Health Management Framework

AISIN Seiki's Health and Safety Management Framework
AISIN Seiki's Health and Safety Management Framework

As the parent organization, we have formed a group-wide safety and health committee comprising the Director and President of each of the 14 core companies in the AISIN Group, along with the Director and Vice President who heads Aisin Seiki's committee. The committee has devised group-wide policies and is coordinating activities to be carried out by the whole of the AISIN Group.

Composition of AISIN's Consolidated Health and Safety Committee

Composition of AISIN's Consolidated Health and Safety Committee
Composition of AISIN's Consolidated Health and Safety Committee

Initiatives to prevent recurrence of accidents

AISIN Group is committed to ensuring that accidents at our sites do not occur again. Group-wide safety standards have been established and facility safety, risk assessment and safety training initiatives have been thoroughly strengthened throughout the group since 2016 to ensure that no lives are lost on our premises.

AISIN Global Safety Standard (AGSS) has also been established to prevent STOP6* accidents, and risk assessments and safety inspections are carried out when equipment is received or modified. In FY2019, the top management of each company in AISIN Group thoroughly surveyed their respective companies’ sites and implemented occupational health and safety activities according to an action plan.

Serious accidents at the 13 main companies in AISIN Group
Serious accidents at the 13 main companies in AISIN Group
STOP6 accidents resulting in lost work in the 13 main companies of AISIN Group
STOP6 accidents resulting in lost work in the 13 main companies of AISIN Group

Activities to improve safety standards in AISIN Group

To ensure that no lives are lost on AISIN Group premises, a Consolidated Health and Safety Committee has been established. Comprising the presidents of every company in AISIN Group, the committee works to unify policies and standards to ensure the safety of everyone who works on Japanour premises. In March 2019, we asked a third-party organization to provide safety seminars for the officers in charge of our safety operations. We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable, and the whole of AISIN Group works together to improve our awareness of safety and build a safety-first culture. We consistently maintain high safety standards and use a mutual teaching system to build safety-consciousness, and all of our officers use felt leadership* to raise awareness of safety and build a culture of safety throughout the group.

Specialist safety training is also provided to ordering staff to prevent serious accidents in contracted work and ensure that the ALL TOYOTA Safety Standard for Contractor Work on the Premises is enacted correctly by the contractor and our ordering staff.

As a result of these measures, the 13 main group companies maintained a rate of injuries from occupational accidents resulting in lost work time that was lower than the national average for the manufacturing industry in FY2019. AISIN Group will continue to build on these initiatives to become the world’s safest business conglomerate.

* A form of leadership in which the top management have a passionate awareness about safety.

Aspiring to be the world’s most safetyconscious corporate group

The AISIN Group opened an All-Aisin Safety, Health and Environment Center in April 2017 to ensure that key activities for the whole of the AISIN Group are carried out promptly. We have established the Aisin Global Safety Standard (AGSS) to prevent STOP6*. Our 14 key companies all carry out risk assessments and safety inspections when introducing and upgrading equipment. FY2017 was no exception, with our top management working closely with local sites to carry out activities according to our action plan. We resolved concerns at our sites to ensure a high standard of health and safety in our labor practices.

Safety instructors have been appointed in relevant departments to ensure that proper attention is being paid to safety, with each safety instructor receiving 107 hours of training through our dedicated curriculum. 45 instructors underwent this training in FY2016 and 35 in FY2017, bringing the current total to 179 trained instructors. Safety training is provided to construction clients and contracted on-site construction personnel before each long holiday period. 3,908 people attended this training in FY2016 and 4,357 in FY2017. Our numbers were similarly high for health and safety training including skills training, special training and in-house training, with 5,263 attendees in FY2016 and 6,268 in FY2017.

These measures paid off: all 14 of our key companies were below the FY2017 national average for time off resulting from workplace accidents. The AISIN Group is aiming for even higher standards, with the aim of becoming the world's safest business conglomerate.

* The six worst causes of serious accidents in the Toyota Group (1. becoming caught in machinery, 2. contact with heavy objects, 3. contact with vehicles, 4. falls, 5. electrocution, 6. contact with high temperature objects)

Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents (14 main Group companies in Japan)
Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents (14 main Group companies in Japan)
FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017
Severity rate 0.01 0.07 0.003 0.004 0.004
Nationwide 0.1 0.09 0.03 0.05 0.03

Overseas initiatives

Overseas, members from regional Group companies assemble at Safety and Environmental Specialist Liaison Committees for each of the seven regions—China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, North America, Europe and South America—to share information on relevant laws and regulations and examples of activities being conducted at each company.

In fiscal 2018, mutual safety inspections were conducted at all business locations in each global region, with the target of eradicating STOP6 accidents. Moving forward, we will seek to further deepen collaboration with regional management companies and parent companies and raise the level of these activities.

A mutual safety inspection in the Thailand region
A mutual safety inspection in the Thailand region

Activities to maintain and promote the health of employees

Aisin Seiki has gained accreditation as a Healthy Business and has implemented a variety of measures to promote the physical and mental health of our employees.


Initiatives to maintain and improve physical health

A public health nurse provides specific advice for our employees about ways to prevent lifestyle diseases, including information on diet, exercise and quitting smoking. Care and consideration is given to employees at a high risk of neurological or cardiac diseases.

We also provide health checkups for employees providing overseas and implement necessary post-checkup measures.

Initiatives to maintain and improve mental health

We take various measures, including mental health education, stress checks and an employee assistance program, to help our employees prevent mental health issues and detect any issues that arise as quickly as possible. We have also built a framework to provide support to employees on long-term leave with a Return to Work Trial and follow-up support to help make their return as smooth as possible.

Safety Activities in the 13 Main Group Companies in Japan

Aisin Seiki

Promotion of safety inspections and on-the-spot reporting by plant managers

In addition to company-wide safety and fire prevention inspections, the managers of our plants watch work taking place. If an issue is found, our technical employees are alerted and an improvement plan is made. Improvements are made visible throughout the company and expanded into other plants.

Aisin Chemical

Building a safety culture with involvement of top management

Aisin Chemical is working to build a safety culture throughout the entire company by holding safety meetings, observing work and actively seeking suggestions about near misses. They are fostering an awareness of safety among everyone who works on their premises, from the most fundamental work upward.

Aisin Keikinzoku

Conducting health and safety activities with an understanding of workplace needs

Aisin Keikinzoku is improving its working practices to ensure even greater safety. Managers and supervisors work with safety instructors to improve and standardize difficult work, and officers and safety instructors from other departments are asked to carry out safe roller inspections. This provides an inside and outside view of hazards, enabling these risks to be fixed to ensure the greatest possible level of safety.

Simulated experience of a backward fall
Simulated experience of a backward fall

Aisin Kiko

Officers taking the lead in safety activities for everyone in the company

Aisin Kiko has carried out activities to assess workplace needs for four years. The company’s officers listen to the concerns of each technical employee and carry out activities to address all concerns, from smaller points to major issues in the working environment of the company’s plants. This year, Aisin Kiko worked to make improvements more quickly and implement activities to achieve zero accidents.

Aisin Sin’ei

Activities to improve safety awareness through cooperation between all levels

In addition to initiatives by plant managers to gain insights about workplace needs and day-to-day instructions by safety instructors about unsafe practices, Aisin Sin’ei carries out interactive training for all workers. Team leaders run monthly KYT (Kiken Yochi Training, Japanese for “hazard prediction training”) with workplace photos to improve safety awareness through cooperation between all levels.

Hosei Brake Industry

Implementing safety awareness, ensures compliance with laws and rules to prevent past accidents from reoccurring

After an accident caused by falling that resulted in lost work time, Hosei Brake Industry has added interactive training about tripping and falling. Each year, new practices are added to educate everyone from the newest to the most experienced employees about compliance with rules and measures to prevent STOP6 accidents. This impresses upon employees the importance of complying with these rules, increasing their consciousness of safety requirements.

Shiroki Corporation

Introduction of safety support based on an understanding of workplace needs

In FY2017, Shiroki Corporation introduced a system for safety support based on an understanding of workplace needs to more clearly define its activities to assess what is needed in its workplaces. Managers and supervisors ask on-site workers about their daily work and concerns, and monitor the progress of any new measures until implementation is complete. This makes our workers confident that their management knows what they need, and increases awareness of safety.

Aisin Takaoka

On-site checks and unification of global safety initiatives

Aisin Takaoka has carried out safety checks every other year since 2016 to prevent STOP6 accidents and ensure safety at all of its sites around the world. Check items are set for all of its plants inside and outside Japan, and top management from multiple companies work together with each manufacturing division and our safety promotion office to perform on-site checks and learn about any concerns that local safety supervisors have about Aisin Takaoka’s activities. Activities to assess initiatives to ascertain workplace needs, such as determining whether good practices are being expanded to other sites, are called “third-party observation sessions”. Each workplace is observed by employees who work on different operations to unify Aisin Takaoka’s measures to improve the caliber of its safety practices.

Aisin AW

Leading by example in initiatives to assess workplace needs

Safety leadership training is carried out for all levels of management so that they can take the lead in safety initiatives. Aisin AW’s management lead by example in activities to resolve day-to-day issues and raise awareness of safety.

Aisin Development

Promotion of activities to assess workplace needs and KY work by each employee

Dialog-based patrolling is used to learn about the day-to-day work of Aisin Development’s on-site employees and make improvements in their working environment. KY (Kiken Yochi, Japanese for “hazard prediction”) procedures are implemented so that each employee detects and eliminates hazards in the areas where they work.

Aisin AW Industries

Creating a workplace culture of prioritizing health and safety

In addition to continuous activities to gain greater insight into workplace needs (including patrols by top-level management personnel and activities to identify problematic issues), Aisin AW is constantly working on safety activities that involve every employee, including workplace safety meetings and risk assessment patrols


ADVICS Global Conference on Safe Working Environments

ADVICS holds a global conference on safe working environments, where staff in North America and China who are in charge of implementing safety measures travel to Japan to learn about ways to improve the safety of their working environments and reduce accidents. Attendees get to see Japan’s safety culture and education and bring what they have learned to their own workplaces as part of group-wide safety activities.

Art Metal Mfg.

Building a culture of mutual awareness-raising where everyone notices more

Art Metal Mfg. is implementing initiatives prompting employees to notice more, so that each employee is conscious of safety and on the lookout for hazards. These initiatives are in place in every workplace throughout the company.