As a global Tier One supplier, AISIN Group creates working environments that respect the working practices of employees with diverse values and enable each of those employees to thrive. As our employees grow together, they raise the value of the company and contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

Basic policy regarding respect for human rights

Under AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior, following international directives such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we established a basic policy for respecting the human rights of all employees: “We respect the character, individuality and diversity of our employees and provide a safe, enjoyable and productive work environment in order to help them achieve a balanced and fulfilling life”. The Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility provide a specific code of conduct to ensure that our principles of corporate behavior are adhered to, including clear statements prohibiting forced labor and child labor.

Additionally, the AISIN Way clarifies timeless, global values and principles of conduct to be shared among AISIN Group.



Affiliated groups and involvement in initiatives

AISIN Group is a member of the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Aichi, an organization comprising 26 companies in Aichi Prefecture that works with relevant administrative bodies and organizations such as the Aichi prefectural government and labor board to raise awareness about human rights. We also work with the Corporate Federation for Dowa and Human Rights Issues in various regions to carry out training and awareness-raising activities in companies to create a society where human rights are respected.

Thorough implementation of education on the protection of human rights for all employees

AISIN Group takes all employees’ human rights seriously and takes every opportunity to educate our employees on human rights, from initial training for new employees to additional training for those receiving a promotion or being appointed as a director.

Initiatives for FY2019
3,152 employees attended CSR training for the 13 main companies of AISIN Group
Invited a guest lecturer from the Aichi Labor Bureau and held a training seminar on fair recruitment by group companies