Global risk management system

The Consolidated Risk Management Committee, which comprises senior management from the 13 main Group companies, identifies risks that could have a serious impact on the group's corporate operations. Group companies work together to strengthen the risk management system and enhance risk response capabilities. The goal is to expose and prevent risks and create a company with a strong resistance to risk under the leadership of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

In the global risk management system, the Consolidated Risk Management Committee convenes top management of AISIN Group companies in Japan, as well as those overseeing operations in North America, China, Europe and Oceania, to share information regarding the Group’s common risks and risks specific to each country and/or region, and implement measures in an effective manner to counter these risks. Looking ahead, we will seek to further raise the level of cooperation within the group and enhance our risk management activities from a global perspective.

Developing personnel and frameworks that are resilient to disasters

As part of our group-wide efforts to build resilience against disasters, AISIN Group undertakes education and awareness-raising activities to enable each and every employee to take appropriate action in accordance with the Risk Management Guide when risk events occur. This guide stipulates procedures to be followed in ordinary times (before a disaster occurs) and during an emergency (when a disaster occurs).

We carry out systematic measures to minimize damage caused by major earthquakes based on the AISIN Global Safety Standard (AGSS) and what we have learned from the earthquakes that occurred in Kumamoto, Osaka and Hokkaido over the last few years. To pass on lessons and observations from these earthquakes to all of our employees, an AISIN Group BCP Committee comprising the top management, officers and relevant managers in the group’s 13 main companies meets each year on the anniversary of the Kumamoto earthquake.

AISIN Group BCP Conference (on the anniversary of the Kumamoto Earthquake)
AISIN Group BCP Conference (on the anniversary of the Kumamoto Earthquake)
Initiatives for FY2019
Activities included the securing of buildings, hanging objects, cranes, transformers, mold racks and other large facilities at the factories of companies in AISIN Group.

Enhancing initial response capabilities for large-scale disasters

AISIN Group is enhancing its response capabilities in preparation for responding to earthquakes and other large-scale disasters, with the basic policies of saving lives, ensuring safety, contributing to local communities and restoring production.

To strengthen our response to disasters, we are building on the frameworks that are in place in each of our companies and sites, we are also building a group headquarters framework to unify information throughout the group to strengthen collaborative initiatives such as support for affected sites. Training is carried out with a simulation of a situation requiring a first response from the group headquarters. The group headquarters and the sites of our group companies must work together to address a hypothetical major earthquake in an exercise that cements the operations, information gathering and decision making that is needed in our first response to a disaster.

Individual locations also enhanced their initial response capabilities by conducting practical training drills required in order to reliably implement initial response measures (including firefighting, rescue, emergency aid, peripheral damage surveys, judgment of whether it is safe to enter buildings and daytime and nighttime evacuation drills).

Simulation-based training on first responses at AISIN Group headquarters01
Simulation-based training on first responses at AISIN Group headquarters02

Simulation-based training on first responses at AISIN Group headquarters