Promoting the use of patent information and strengthening group collaborations

To sharpen AISIN Group’s competitive edge, our intellectual property division is involved from the product planning stage, researching patent information to assess our competitors’ patent portfolios and development trends. This not only steers our development but provides intellectual property support for group collaborations in up-and-coming growth areas.

We are working to increase group collaboration in intellectual property management by consolidating work such as research, patenting and acquisition and updating of rights for all trademarks held by the 13 main group companies. We are also carrying out group-wide measures to streamline our trademark management and improve reliability in our processes.

We have established regulations and infrastructure for the handling of intellectual property at our overseas development sites to strengthen our intellectual property capabilities overseas. Local supervisors have been assigned in North America and Europe for over 40 years.

Clarivate Analytics has selected us for the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators* for five years running for our high number of patents and global development.

* Clarivate Analytics analyzes intellectual property and patent trends based on its patent data and gives awards to companies and organization that demonstrate the best performance in the world in research and development and intellectual property management.
Patents held by AISIN Group*
Patents held by AISIN Group*
  • These numbers are for the 13 main companies in the AISIN Group.
  • Art Metal Mfg. is included in numbers from fiscal 2018 onward.
Number of work tasks handling trademarks for FY2019
  1. The number of tasks involving response upon receiving a notification from the Patent Office communicating the fact that a trademark/patent could not be registered.
    Typically, the response is to amend the content of the application and resubmit it for registration.
  2. The registration period for trademarks is predetermined. Where the trademark holder wishes to maintain the trademark rights beyond this period, the trademark holder themselves is required to make an application for renewal procedures. This figure corresponds to the number of such renewal applications made.