AISIN Group places importance on implementing fair and highly transparent management activities, and improving and enhancing its corporate governance, maximizing corporate value, and maintaining a high level of trust among all of its stakeholders.

Group-wide CSR activities contribute to sustainable development of communities and the planet

CSR activities are at the heart of AISIN Group’s management philosophy, and are the foundation of its initiatives for steady long-term growth. To put this principle into action, we have established AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior to contribute to sustainable development of the planet and maintain and develop sound relations with our stakeholders. Various CSR activities are being carried out according to this charter.

CSR activities in our overseas group companies reflect both AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior and the situation in each country and region.

▶Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior

Posters of the Principles of Corporate Behavior
Posters of the Principles of Corporate Behavior

Training and education to raise awareness of the Principles of Corporate Behavior and put it into action

AISIN Group has formulated and is promoting guidelines in compliance with social responsibility to provide concrete behavioral standards for all employees to fulfill AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior.

The action guideline contains questions and answers about the nine principles outlined in the Charter of Corporate Behavior—Safety, Quality and Contribution to the Creation of a Sustainable Society; Compliance; Disclosure and Communication; Respect for Human Rights; Promotion of Diversified Work Styles and Upgrading of Work Environments; Environment; Social Engagement and Contribution to Development; Thorough Crisis Management; and Company Leadership—providing a resource that is easy for everyone to understand and ensuring that all employees are notified and carry out their work correctly according to our policy.

The 13 main companies in AISIN Group carry out CSR training management-focused and basic CSR training for general employees so that everyone recognizes the importance of CSR and engages in company activities with an awareness that we are a valued corporate citizen within a larger community. The top management of our overseas sites receive training to equip them with an understanding of the AISIN Way that lies at the heart of all of our values and activities, in addition to improving their management skills.


CSR management training for improving awareness of management personnel

AISIN Group’s six core Group companies conduct CSR management training for management personnel in accordance with a common training program. As a preparatory step, all participating personnel are required to complete an e-learning course in which they cannot proceed to the next stage until they have answered all questions correctly. In fiscal 2018, a total of 1,315 participants raised their level of knowledge and awareness with regard to CSR through this training program.

Revision of our Principles of Corporate Behavior

The global community is currently calling for specific action to solve environmental and social issues, and companies are being urged to work toward targets such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build a sustainable society. AISIN Group revised its Principles of Corporate Behavior in May 2019 to be more in line with these requirements. Points such as contributing to sustainable economic growth and solutions to social issues and upholding the rights of all people are now clearly indicated, and the principles and standards for conduct outlined in our Charter of Corporate Behavior are now thoroughly communicated to all AISIN Group employees, both in Japan and overseas.